Writer in Vermont


Writer and photographer Shaun Considine was born in New
York City and raised in County Clare, Ireland, where he was
educated at the Irish Christian Brothers, and later at Galway
University, where he majored in English and in Grace Kelly,
her films, Hitchcock, that is.

Upon his return to America, Shaun was invited to spend some
time with his Uncle Sam, in the U.S. Army. With duty served,
he sought employment in the music business, ultimately
landing at the largest and most respected label in the world,
Columbia Records. He remained there for the rest of the 1960s,
a colorful and revolutionary period, during which time, through
equal serendipity, he became an investor and member of Arthur,
the first famous social club avec discotheque in Manhattan. It
was here, through close encounters with many of the major stars
and creative forces of the period, that Shaun began to seriously
question if he had any special skills or talents of his own. In the
spring of 1969 he had his first article published. Two years later
he left the music business to become a full-time freelance entertainment journalist, for the New York Times, and
other publications. Not long after, simultaneously, he began to
photograph the people he was interacting with, together
with the events that were vigorously changing the culture
around them.

After the 1970s ended, Shaun wrote books. He is the author of
three commercial and critically acclaimed works: Mad As
Hell: The Life and Work of Paddy Chayefsky; Bette and Joan:
The Divine Feud,
and Barbra Streisand: The Woman,
the Myth, the Music.

As a journalist his work has appeared in The New York Times,
the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the London Times,
the London Independent Arts and Book Review , After Dark,
the Village Voice, and the New Theater Review.

Currently he is working on two new books, including one
featuring the best of the photographs, with a galaxy of
tales and journal notes from the three event-filled decades
he was extremely fortunate to be a part of.

Photographs, essays and diary extracts, 1970s - 1980s.
The first and only detailed account of the bitter, long- term feud between Hollywood's quintessential movie-star, Joan Crawfordi,, and it's leading dramatic actress, Bette Davis
Non fiction
Barbra Streisand makes musical history - Columbia Records 1962-1984.
Letters and interviews with legendary Academy Award winners, personally describing the roles they played and the risks they took, which led to their winning Hollywood's top honor.
The authorized biography of Paddy Chayefsky, the only individual screenwriter to win three Academy Awards,